I also had the pleasure of doing the Traver’s Maternity and Fresh48 session.

Hazel | Camp Hill Lifestyle In-Home Newborn Photographer

camp hill newborn photographer

With each click of the camera shutter, I captured the fleeting moments of innocence and wonder that define the first hours of life.

Hazel Olivia | Harrisburg UPMC Hospital Fresh 48 Session

Harrisburg Fresh48 Photographer

Brooklyn New York in-home newborn session with a view of the city

Sohne Family | Traveling In-Home Newborn Photographer on the East Coast

mom sitting near the window with her newborn baby look out at the NY city landscape

There’s something truly special about stepping into a family’s sacred space, where every room holds a treasure trove of memories and moments waiting to be captured.

Passmore Family | In-Home Newborn Sessions in Camp Hill, PA

in-home newborn session in camp hill pa

Embrace the warmth of natural light and the intimacy of home as we capture the beauty of your family’s new beginning.

Rowe Family: Lifestyle In-Home Newborn Photography in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Rachel Rowe In-home Newborn Photography

I truly love what I do so much. It brings me so much joy to meet these families and tell their story in their own home. Each home is so different and cozy in their own way. I only really need one room with good widow light to be able to capture beautiful newborn photos […]

Stanz Family | Mechanicsburg In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Session

mechanicsburg newborn photographer

I love traveling to new place for sessions! Most recently I was in Mount Airy, Maryland for a cozy in-home newborn session with the Farley family. I have a special place in my heart for families with two under two. Its so fun to see the older sibling loving on their new baby, melts my […]

Farley Family In-Home Newborn Session | Mount Airy, MD Photographer

Mount Airy Maryland Newborn photographer

Not everyone has the means to afford a photographer right now. I don’t want you to miss out on preserving this monumental moment in your life, so I created a guide on how you can take your own hospital newborn photos with your phone!

The DIY Fresh 48 guide!

hospital fresh 48 guide

Does the hospital offer newborn photos? I did some research and here is what I found.

Does Harrisburg Hospital Offer Newborn Photography?

Harrisburg Hospital Newborn photos

I’m a mom of two wild toddlers, if you’re worried about how your toddler is going to act during your in-home newborn session…i’m not worried. I thrive in this kind of chaos.

York In-Home Newborn Photos With Toddler

york newborn photographer