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If you’re a first-time mom feeling a mix of excitement and anxiety about what lies ahead post-childbirth, worry not! Here are some insightful tips to guide you through the recovery process

Navigating the Journey: 6 Tips for First-Time Moms on Recovering from Childbirth

first time mom postpartum care
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Understanding camera settings, dealing with lighting conditions, and choosing the right angles can be overwhelming for moms who are new to photography. The fear of not using the equipment to its full potential can hinder their confidence. Do you feel like the demands of motherhood leaves little time for exploring and learning new skills? Do […]

Unlock Your Inner Photographer: A Beginner Photography Workshop for Moms

mechanicsburg photography workshop
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I did all the leg work for you and I put together a list of 8 fun places to take your kids! Some of these would be perfect for those rainy days where your cooped up inside all day.

9 Fun Places in South Central Pennsylvania to Take Your Toddler to Play

Fun activities for kids in central pa
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I recently did a poll on Instagram and asked the moms what they wished they knew about postpartum that nobody warned them about. The moms have spoken and this what they want you to know about the postpartum period.

5 Things You Need To Know About Postpartum

5 things you should know about postpartum
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Learn when to seek breastfeeding support and where you can find it in Mechanicsburg

Breastfeeding 101: When and Where to Find Support and Assistance in Mechanicsburg, PA

Mechanicsburg Breastfeeding support
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In this blog post from Your Mechanicsburg Lifestyle Newborn Photographer, you’ll discover out-of-the-box tips and tricks from an experienced mom to get your Mechanicsburg home newborn-ready in a short timeframe, without the stress and overwhelm. From creating a nursing station to baby-proofing your home, these practical and unique ideas will help you feel confident and prepared for your new bundle of joy.

Effective ways to prep your home for a new baby from a mom of 2 | Mechanicsburg Newborn Photographer

Mechanicsburg Lifestyle Newborn Photographer
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Are you pregnant mom and considering pumping? I’m a mom of two under two and an exclusive pumper. Ive learned SO much from my journey of exclusively pumping for my daughter. Here are some tips including Harrisburg, PA breastfeeding resources! If you’re planning to breastfeed, you may be wondering if pumping is something you need […]

4 things you need to know about pumping, from an exclusive pumper

exclusive pumping tips for new moms
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You’ve heard it before, when it comes to kids– time flies! So, whether you’re holding that new baby in your arms or waiting patiently to meet him/her, you know you want to enjoy these first 2 weeks with your newborn!  It’s completely normal to feel a little overwhelmed when you bring your baby home for […]

Advice From a Mechanicsburg Mom of Two Under Two: How to Enjoy The First Two Weeks With Your Newborn

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Are you pregnant and considering having an unmedicated birth in Harrisburg? If so, you’re in luck! This blog post is bursting at the seams with tips on how to have a successful unmedicated birth. From preparing yourself mentally and physically to working with your care providers, I’ve got you covered.  So read on, pregnant mama, […]

Ideas for moms in Harrisburg who want to have a natural birth

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