5 things you should know about postpartum

5 Things You Need To Know About Postpartum


5 things you should know about postpartum

I recently did a poll on Instagram and asked the moms what they wished they knew about postpartum that nobody warned them about. The moms have spoken and this what they want you to know about the postpartum period.

1.) Breastfeeding isn’t always natural or easy. I can speak to this first hand because I STRUGGLED to breastfeed both of my babies. I went into it thinking that this should be the easiest part, because our bodies were made to do this. I quickly learned that not everyones breastfeeding journey is easy. I worked with a lactation consultant who I LOVED, but for my own mental health I ended up exclusively pumping.

2.) There is no shame in asking for help! Whether it’s for yourself (Postpartum anxiety/depression) or for help around the house with making food or cleaning. It truly takes a village. We were never meant to raise our babies by ourselves. Reach out to your close friends, family, church group, or literally any other mom. You don’t have to do this alone.

3.) You will have contraction when you first start nursing (or pumping). OHHH boy, I was NOT ready for this one. When my baby starting nursing for the very first time, I started getting intense contractions, exactly like what I felt during birth. It was so painful and so confused as to why I was feeling this way. The lactation consultant told me it was normal and it would happen for a couple days postpartum.

4.) You might miss your baby when other people are holding them. You carried your baby for 9 long months, so you’re not used to being separated from them. Even if you have people who come over to visit you and the baby, it is OK to ask for your baby back because mother/bonding is priority.

5.) You will experience intense hormonal changes. Because of the changes in your hormones and your body is trying to regulate itself, you going to experience crazy night sweats and body oder. I would wake up drenched in sweat! I could literally wring my shirt out thats how much I was sweating for no reason at all.

Postpartum is a wild ride, and I hope you will be more prepared knowing these 5 things. You got this my friend!

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