Harrisburg Hospital Newborn photos

Does Harrisburg Hospital Offer Newborn Photography?


If you’re about to have a baby at Harrisburg Hospital, I bet you’ve wondered if the hospital has their own photographer to do fresh48/newborn photos.

When I did a quick google search, I see that a program called Mom365 pops up. The website says that the program is currently on hold and is not being offered. I had both of my kids at Harrisburg hospital in 2021 and 2022 and this was not an option for us at that time.

If the hospital isn’t doing newborn photos, who can you go to? I’m so glad you asked 🙂 I specialize in birth, fresh48 and newborn photos. In 2023 I photographed 12 Fresh48 session, mainly at UPMC Magee-Womens at UPMC Harrisburg

Harrisburg Hospital Newborn photos

Which one should I do, Fresh48 or Newborn photos?

Fresh 48 Hospital Newborn Session: Imagine a “Fresh 48” session like taking pictures of the baby when they are only 48 hours old. So, right after the baby is born, I would come to the hospital to capture those very first moments when the baby is brand new. I take pictures of the baby in the hospital room, maybe in the crib, with the parents, and other family members. It’s all about capturing the early, fresh moments of the baby’s life.

In-Home Newborn Session: Now, an “In-Home Newborn” session is a bit different. Instead of taking pictures at the hospital, I come to your home. So, I visit you and the baby in your own house, and i’ll even bring you lunch. It’s more relaxed and personal. I take pictures of the baby in their own crib, in the living room, or in the parents’ bedroom. It’s about capturing the baby in their new environment, where they will be growing up.

In summary, “Fresh 48” is about capturing the very first moments in the hospital, while “In-Home Newborn” is about taking pictures of the baby in their own home a little later on. Both are special ways to remember and cherish the early days of a new baby’s life!

If you’re having a baby in 2024 and your looking for a Hospital Fresh48 photographer, reach out today! I’d love work with you and capture all of the tiny new details of your baby, that you’ll never want to forget. Fresh48 pricing info

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Here are some examples of Fresh48s!


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