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The DIY Fresh 48 guide!


Hospital Fresh 48 sessions are one of my favorite things to do.

There is so much excitement about going to the hospital to see a family who just welcomed their baby into the world a few hours ago. I’ve been doing hospital newborn sessions since 2018 and fell in love with it even more after having my first baby at Harrisburg hospital in 2021.

Every time I step into Harrisburg hospital, I get a rush of emotions as it brings me back to the excitement and love I felt meeting our son. I took my own Fresh48 photos of Everett and with the help of my husband (who I trained how to use a camera lol). I’m so grateful I have these photo to look back on and show Everett as he gets older. I remember being SO EXCITED to share these photos because we didn’t tell anyone his name, not even our parents! I couldn’t wait to share these photos with our friends and family to announce his arrival and his name.

I think every mom would love to have photos like this to document the start of their parenting journey. Not everyone is a photographer or even has the means to afford a photographer right now. I don’t want you to miss out on preserving this monumental moment in your life, so I created a guide on how you can take your own hospital newborn photos with your phone!

In this 15 page guide I give you all of my secrets for taking great Fresh 48 photos. I tell you how to set up the room, give you lighting tips and even a photo check list with examples! There is so much helpful information in this guide with a few pro tips to really make your photos look great.

This is something i’m so passionate about and I cant wait to see how well your DIY Fresh48 photos turn out. I can even professional edit your phone photos for you as an upgrade!

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DIY Fresh 48 Guide

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