With each click of the camera shutter, I captured the fleeting moments of innocence and wonder that define the first hours of life.

Hazel Olivia | Harrisburg UPMC Hospital Fresh 48 Session

Harrisburg Fresh48 Photographer

Brooklyn New York in-home newborn session with a view of the city

Sohne Family | Traveling In-Home Newborn Photographer on the East Coast

mom sitting near the window with her newborn baby look out at the NY city landscape

At The AKP Home Studio, I specialize in creating timeless portraits that celebrate the unique personality and spirit of each child.

Celebrating Milestones: Capturing 12-Month Moments at Mechanicsburg Studio

12 month milestone studio session

There’s something truly special about stepping into a family’s sacred space, where every room holds a treasure trove of memories and moments waiting to be captured.

Passmore Family | In-Home Newborn Sessions in Camp Hill, PA

in-home newborn session in camp hill pa

Embrace the warmth of natural light and the intimacy of home as we capture the beauty of your family’s new beginning.

Rowe Family: Lifestyle In-Home Newborn Photography in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Rachel Rowe In-home Newborn Photography

Toddlers are full of energy, curiosity, and personality—a delightful mix that makes every moment with them precious and unique. As a parent, you witness the magic of their growth and development every day, but what better way to preserve these fleeting moments than through personality photos? Milestone sessions are the perfect way to capture the […]

Adalyn Milestone Session | Mechanicsburg Studio

Mechanicsburg baby milestone photographer

I truly love what I do so much. It brings me so much joy to meet these families and tell their story in their own home. Each home is so different and cozy in their own way. I only really need one room with good widow light to be able to capture beautiful newborn photos […]

Stanz Family | Mechanicsburg In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Session

mechanicsburg newborn photographer

In my home studio I utilize a white backdrop and natural light to give a more natural feel and focus on your baby.

Lila | Mechanicsburg Studio Baby Milestone Photographer

mechanicsburg milestone session

Announcing a pregnancy is a deeply personal and joy-filled moment, and what better way to express this excitement than through professionally captured photographs?

Carlisle Studio Pregnancy Announcement

Carlisle studio pregnancy announcement

As a natural light newborn and baby photographer, I invite you to join me for a magical 6-month milestone session that not only documents your little one’s growth but creates a visual tale that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Patrick | 6 month milestone session Mechanicsburg Studio

Mechanicsburg baby photographer